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Zombie Escape Server commands

Discussion in '18+ GUC | >ZOMBIE ESCAPE<' started by ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius, Jan 30, 2017.

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  1. ⒼⓊⒸ✜ Marius


    Jan 26, 2016
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    In this list, I will provide all the commands available on our Zombie Escape server it will include Admin, VIP and players commands/chat triggers

    Player commands:
    !rules - open a MOTD page with server rules
    !settings - will open an in-game menu with all the settings available for players
    !ztele - will teleport you back to spawn(useful when you are stuck)
    !zmarket - in-game guns menu, this supports auto buy
    !sm / !su - allows you to mute/unmute certain players thru a menu
    !color - allows you to choose colors for your skin(available only for members)
    !zclass - change your players class zombie/human
    !rtv - rock the vote for next map
    !revote - allows you to change your vote within the voting time
    nextmap - will show next map
    nominate - allows you to nominate maps
    timeleft - time left for the current map
    thetime - local server time
    !tp - third and first person view
    !music- stops map music
    !stopsound - stops bullet sounds
    !status - see if you got ebanned by admins using materias
    !spec - move to spectator
    !mapmusic - stop map music
    !buyvip - opens a MOTD page where you can buy VIP access
    !hide - hide your teammates for a better fps
    !top - opens a MOTD page with our top players
    !forum - opens our forum page
    !store - in game shop with credits
    !gift <players name> <amount> - gift credits to a certain player
    !info - will show a chat list with useful server info
    !soundlist - sound list menu(available only for VIP)

    Admin Commands:
    !admin - Admin commands menu
    sm_help - available only in console, this will show a list with all the admin server commands

    This list will be periodically updated if you find any mistakes or anything missing don't hesitate to contact me or macadada
    Thank you!
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