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Server rules

Discussion in '18+ GUC | >ZOMBIE ESCAPE<' started by Dasch Omen, Jan 30, 2017.

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  1. Dasch Omen

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    May 13, 2016
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    • General Rules :

    :idea:Minimum age required for using the voice chat is 16.

    :idea:English on the voice chat.
    This is an ENGLISH speaking community ,it would be chaos if everyone was to speak his on language on the microphone,which is why it`s mandatory to speak a common language in order to communicate and understand each other. However, you are allowed to speak foreign languages on server`s chat.

    :idea:Do not spam the microphone or chat.
    Microphone spam includes but is not limited to holding talk button for an extensive amount of time,screaming,making random noises,using voice changers constantly.
    Take note that playing music or any pre-recorded sounds is not allowed.
    Chat spam includes but is not limited to repeating the same sentence again and again without a legitimate reason,sending different strings of characters.

    :idea:Don't be disrespectful.
    Respect the other players and admins ,this includes but is not limited to racism,sexism or any kind of discrimination. Do not use excessive inappropriate language such as constant swearing or foul language in general.

    :idea:Do not use hacks,exploits,glitches or a third party software.
    Any attempt of cheating result in your removal from the server.

    :idea:Do not advertise other servers.

    :idea:Do not use methods to avoid getting killed or muted.
    This includes but is not limited to leaving the server,typing kill in console or joining spectator team.

    • Server Rules :

    :idea:Do not leave the server if you are the only mother zombie.
    Upon leaving the server someone else will become a zombie,he/she will spawn as one right in the middle of the crowd and this type of action affects the game play.

    :idea:Do not grief.
    This includes but is not limited to helping zombies on purpose to gain advantage over humans by breaking defense spots on purpose ( doors,boxes,soda machines,barricades), using special items to get your teammates killed or preventing them from advancing any further,blocking the access to certain objects/items/parts of the map (doors,buttons,special items,vents,etc) , exploiting map glitches.

    :idea:Do not zombie inflate.
    You are not allowed to become a zombie on purpose by letting yourself knifed before the round even starts or during the round in order to ruin the game of the others.

    :idea:Do not edge.
    Edging means staying close to the entrance/doors/windows or at the end of a platform leaving yourself vulnerable to the zombies so they could infect you ,upon infection becoming a zombie where you`ll most likely you will start a chain reaction by infecting nearby humans.

    :idea:Do not be a friendly zombie.
    As a zombie your only goal is to spread the disease,the virus which runs deep in your blood,only way of doing that is by catching and infecting the other humans.

    :idea:Do not pick up special items if you have no intention of using them.
    Special items also known as "materias" are map specific items which are meant to be used for aiding your team in order to beat the map. Picking special items is a responsibility ,your team relies on you to use the special items properly. DO NOT pick up the item only to wear it as a fashion accessory.

    :idea:Do not hide or throw map items in inaccessible place.
    Do not pick up special items and hide them from your team.
    Do not drop special items in places or spots such as lava,from high heights,spots which normally would get you killed or teleported someplace else.

    :idea:Do not delay rounds on purpose.
    This includes but is not limited to running,hiding or staying on unreachable spots when you are the only human left without being possible of winning the map by yourself.
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